In order to use a design (photograph, logo, brand logo, saying, text, etc) you must have the full rights to this design. If you are not sure, please confirm ownership or ask the rightful owner for usage rights before uploading a design! By saving a design on the Veritas server, you are confirming: I hold the specific right to commercially reproduce this design.

If, for any reason, the legal beholder of this copyright contacts Veritas, I understand that he/she will be referred directly to me.

I understand that illegal usage of a third party’s protected design is no small offence and can result in heavy penalties.

Image Sizes:

-File types accepted .png .jpg .bmp .gif .svg .eps

-Minimum 50 x 50 pixels

-Maximum 4000 x 4000 pixels

-Maximum 10mb


If any image filename contains the & symbol the image will not upload